Tenant Notices


To ALL tenants of Solid Rock Storage - Diamondhead,


First, I want to apologize. I have not been enforcing some of the rules defined in the lease agreement -which has negatively impacted/frustrated our tenants. There have been several infractions which have gone unaddressed, and I would like to cover some of them now.  


As per the lease:

1.       Only FULLY OPERATIONAL Vehicles, Boat, RV, Trailers are allowed to be parked in our facility – no junk, tires, refrigerators, exercises equipment, crashed vehicles, rusted out, flat tires, trees growing out of the vehicle, etc. Violators will be notified and given 7 days to resolve. If the issue is not resolved within the designated timeframe, you will be fined (and every month thereafter) – repeat offenders will be evicted.


2.       You are ONLY allowed to use the space that is leased to you. If your trailer/RV/boat/etc encroaches into your neighbor’s space or fence line, you will be notified and given 7 days to resolve. If not resolved within the designated timeframe, you will be fined (and every month thereafter) the full price of the space you are encroaching into – repeat offenders will be evicted.


3.       NO trash is to be dumped onto the property. I’ve had to clean trash dumped on the property multiple times. People dumping trash in the facility will be immediately fined for every incident – repeat offenders will be evicted.


Secondly, I wanted to update you on all the improvements we have (or soon to be) done on to the property:

1)      We have already installed a new gate controller system. Each tenant has their own unique number. To prohibit unauthorized people from entering the facility, PLEASE DO NOT SHARE YOUR GATE CODE. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO PIGGYBACK IN BEHIND YOU.

2)      We had a professional roofer come and check/fix all the roofs on the property. If you discover a leak in your unit, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can get someone out to fix it.

3)      We will be installing new numbering on the roll-up door units. The sun has bleached the numbers on the units and made them unreadable.

4)      We will be installing a new security camera system throughout the property. This will be recording all events 24/7.

5)      We will be filling in the pothole at the entrance to the property. Please let us know if there are other issues.

6)     I’ve noticed that some of the latches to the roll-up doors are rusted out. I have purchased replacement latches, but I will need access to your unit. If you would like your latch replaced, please text or call: 501-760-0630 so we can coordinate a time to meet at the unit.

7)      WE ARE BUILDING A CLIMATE-CONTROLLED STORAGE FACILITY! It will be located at the corner of Catherine Park Road and HW 171 (right next to the Diamondhead Community Church). We hope to have it completed by November. If you are interested in a climate-controlled space, please contact me and I can get you more information.


Thank you for your time and consideration in these matters. We want to make this facility the best we can for you. If you have any issues/concerns, please contact us at: 501-760-0630.